About Us

SCI History
In 2005, following a distinguished career as a clinical neuropsychologist, professor, and researcher, Dr. Tony L. Strickland established the Sports Concussion Institute (SCI) to provide state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and prevention services to: 1) Address the comprehensive concussion care needs of athletes of all ages playing high velocity sports; and 2) Provide specialized neuropsychological care to people with closed head injuries, acute and chronic pain, and memory and learning disorders.

With the help of its Scientific Advisory Committee, Staff, and Community Partners, SCI has successfully served thousands of patients with a focus on individualized treatment and state-of-the-science care. SCI’s Los Angeles site has grown to become the premier concussion care facility west of the Mississippi. The three clinics that comprise SCI – Mild Head Injury, Memory Disorders, and Pain Management – work conjointly to provide outstanding, comprehensive neuropsychological care for everyone ranging from school-age children to senior citizens in the prime of their lives.

SCI has conducted tens of thousands of concussion baseline assessments (i.e., tests that measure an athlete’s normal neuropsychological and vestibular functioning, typically during the pre-season and/or prior to injury) on California middle and high school athletes, and continues to provide concussion education, prevention, and clinical management services to middle schools, high schools, and universities throughout the Southern California region. On October 1 2012, SCI opened another Institute in Atlanta, Georgia to expand its renowned expert services to youth and adults in the South.  This was quickly followed in 2013 by the launch of another Institute in Anaheim, California to meet the needs of athletes in the greater Orange County region.

The SCI mission is to reduce the long-term impacts of concussions on athletes and promote the awareness and education of concussion prevention and management among athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, other medical professionals, and schools nationwide. Achieving this mission while working with other forms of head trauma, memory disturbances, and pain makes the Sports Concussion Institute uniquely successful as a premier specialty clinic for people across the lifespan.