SCI presents research at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), The Sports Concussion Conference

July 11-13, 2014

SCI clinicians collaborated and presented a poster entitled, “A Model of Systematic Selection of Academic Adjustments after Concussion”. The goal of this project was to provide education and to highlight awareness on a return to school program for student athletes.  The Sports Concussion Conference was held July 11-13, 2014 in Chicago Illinois and featured the latest scientific advances in research on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of concussion. The authors of this presentation included: Tricia Kasamatsu, Ph.D., ATC, Angela Yi, Ph.D., Jose Posas, M.D., Sidney Jones ATC, Vernon Williams, M.D.

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Researchers present on a novel tool for concussion assessment at the 32nd National Symposium of the Neurotrauma Society

June 29-July 2, 2014

Dr. Gore along with fellow researchers presented at a national conference a novel tool in testing cognitive impairment and mild traumatic brain injury. Dr. Gore is the Medical Director for Vestibular Neurology and Rehabilitation at SCI-Atlanta.

Espinoza T, Phelps S, Wright D, Bazarian J, Knesevic A, Gore R, Ciaravella
N Smith S, Liu
B, Crooks C, LaPlaca M (2014).  Display enhanced testing of cognitive impairment and mild traumatic brain injury (DETECT): a novel tool for concussion assessment.  32nd National Symposium of the Neurotrauma Society.  San Francisco, California.  June 29-July 2.

Cognistat and the Sports Concussion Institute Announce Joint Venture

Los Angeles and Montreal, 8am (ET), Tuesday April 22nd 2014

Cognistat and the Sports Concussion Institute are pleased to announce the formation of Cognistat Sport Joint Venture, Inc., whose mission is to develop science-based software tools for the evaluation of concussion and associated injuries. Both companies are committed to providing new best-in-class tools for clinicians to triage, evaluate and manage concussion in athletes.

The Sports Concussion Institute (SCI) is a leading US provider of concussion assessment, diagnostic and clinical management services. SCI was founded in 2005 to provide state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and prevention services for athletes and other active persons of all ages playing high velocity sports. SCI provides specialized neurological and neuropsychological care to people with closed head injuries, acute and chronic pain, balance, memory, and learning disorders. SCI has conducted more than 100,000 assessments of neuropsychological and vestibular functioning in athletes, and continues to provide concussion education, prevention, and clinical management services to middle schools, high schools, universities and professional teams throughout the US.

Cognistat is a market leader in evaluating cognitive function in teenagers and adults. Its state-of-the-art computerized tools are available in thirteen languages and are used worldwide. The original Cognistat Paper test was introduced in 1979 and has become the most widely used screening tool by North American neuropsychologists and other health care practitioners. The cloud-based Cognistat Assessment System and stand-alone Cognistat Active Form are computer-assisted, clinician-administered versions of the original Paper test and are designed to interface with electronic medical records, facilitate the monitoring of patients on repeat testing and provide a paper-free environment. Cognistat Five is a five minute computer-assisted test for evaluating the risk of dementia, delirium and mild-cognitive impairment in adults.

Dr. Tony Strickland, President of the new joint venture, said “SCI is honored, together with Cognistat, to launch this innovative partnership that will significantly enhance the health and safety of athletes playing high-velocity sports. Additionally, we are concerned about a subgroup of stand-alone, untried and/or untested software solutions used to evaluate concussion in athletes and to make “return to competition” decisions. We strongly believe that clinicians must play a key role in concussion evaluation and our goal is to design best-in-class software-based tools that facilitate their specialized work. Our two companies are well suited to bring a new level of excellence, combined with pragmatism and convenience, to concussion evaluation.”


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National Sports Concussion Coalition Press Release


RELEASE CONTACT: Brian Heffron, / 781-799-9568

National Sports Concussion Coalition to identify shared approaches to enhancing safer youth play WASHINGTON, DC (October 7, 2013) – A number of the nation’s most prominent youth sports organizations announced today that they will be partnering with concussion specialists, sports medicine professionals and leaders at other levels of sports to create an unprecedented coalition to prevent and manage concussions among young athletes. The National Sports Concussion Coalition expects to be the most comprehensive alliance of its kind, with science and medical leaders in the fields of concussions, brain injury and sports medicine working directly with a cross-section of organizations and governing bodies that represent millions of athletes across major organized sports in the United States. The coalition, which started discussions earlier this year and held a planning session in September, will look to enhance participation in sports in the United States by providing a safer playing environment.

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2nd MD Webinar hosted by Dr. Williams

Dr. Vernon Williams presents a webinar on 2nd.MD, a medical online specialist company that allows patients to have direct access to online physicians. His presentation was titled “Youth Sports: How to protect your child’s brain”.