Dr. McMurtray, has been appointed to the NFL Concussion Settlement Appeals Advisory Panel

September 2017

The Sports Concussion Institute’s chief neurologist, Dr. Aaron McMurtray, has been appointed to the NFL Concussion Settlement Appeals Advisory Panel. This panel consists of 5 medical experts who settle disputes regarding qualified diagnoses under the Baseline Assessment Program (BAP) guidelines.

Retired NFL players are eligible to receive a BAP evaluation, which consists of both a neurological examination and a neuropsychological evaluation. The neurological examination typically lasts 30 minutes and consists of the neurologist performing a review of neurological signs and symptoms. The neuropsychological evaluation can last up to 6 hours and includes completing a number of pencil-and-paper type tasks as well as several computer-based measures. Players are asked to complete tasks that assess their memory, problem solving ability, attention and concentration, and emotional functioning. An examiner is there to help guide the retired athletes through each task in order to gain an accurate picture of how their brain is functioning.

A select group of Sports Concussion Institute’s Neurologists and Neuropsychologists are participating as Qualified BAP Providers and Qualified MAF Physicians in the National Football League Players’ Injury Concussion Litigation Settlement Program.

Under the guidelines of the settlement program, SCI is managing a network of board-certified neurologists and neuropsychologists to provide comprehensive evaluations of retired professional football players. Eligible players receive a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation with an ABPP board-certified clinical neuropsychologist in addition to a neurological evaluation with a board-certified neurologist.

SCI is expanding nationwide and eligible settlement members will be able to receive their neurological and neuropsychological evaluations at any one of SCI’s provider locations. SCI is currently managing a network of providers in multiple states, including New York, DC, North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia.

For additional information, please visit www.nflconcussionsettlement.com

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