Center for PCS and PTSD Treatment

Excellence in the Treatment of Concussion and PTSD


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Traumatic Brain Injury


Postconcussion Syndrome


Post Traumatic Headache


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Your Mind Matters to Us

We pride ourselves in being an exceptional neurobehavioral treatment center where your comprehensive health comes first! Our team provides the highest quality individualized treatment delivered by the country’s leading neurobehavioral experts.

About the CENTER

At the Center for PCS and PTSD Treatment, our doctors and specialists will customize a treatment plan to help you achieve the best recovery possible. Our state-of-the-art assessment process and innovative treatments have been provided to top American athletes, as well as those who have been injured in car accidents, slips, and falls.


Treatment All in One Place

All the neurobehavioral care you need is available at the Center for PCS and PTSD Treatment. We offer care for individuals with head injuries, postconcussion syndrome, balance/vestibular disorders, chronic pain, cognitive difficulties, depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Available Nationwide

Nationally recognized experts to serve you in the comfort of your home or office via our teleneurohealth platform.


We innovated and introduced the first fully integrated Teleneurohealth platform to quantitate cognitive, behavioral, and associated neurobehavioral symptoms. Our virtual treatment solution uses NASA trusted video-conferencing technology.

Secure & Confidential

Our clinicians and staff are highly experienced and abide by all HIPAA regulations. You can rest easy knowing your privacy, security, and integrity are fully protected. Our services are discreet and confidential.

Trusted by Professional Athletes

We are nationally known for treating retired NFL players and other athletes. Additionally, we excel at treating non-sports related trauma, providing the best-in-class treatment to patients from all walks of life.


We bring treatment to you in the comfort of your home or workplace. All you need is a personal computer, tablet, or smart phone with an internet connection. We also offer in-person services, if prefered.

Whether you’ve got a question as a patient or are looking for materials for someone you know, we have the resources to help.

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